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Class 8

Welcome to Class 8

The Class teacher is Mrs. Littlewood.

The Teaching Assistants working with lower key stage two are Mrs Taylor, Mrs Houghton, Mrs Eccleston, Miss Dale and Miss Pattinson.  

Autumn Curriculum Statement

Class 8 Year 4

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

The following is a round-up of what your child will be taught this term.


Domestic Church/ Family

Life as a gift, and the love and care that can be expressed in family groups.

Baptism/Confirmation – Belonging

Baptism and Confirmation as Sacraments – the gift of God’s life and friendship.

Advent/Christmas – Loving

Loving Relationships and God’s perfect gift to us - of Jesus.


In English we will use dictionaries and thesauruses.  In grammar we will identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and phrases of different kinds.  We will learn how to use apostrophes to show possession.

We will look at a variety of texts including poetry, stories about the past and plays.

Spelling –we will continue to work on learning words from the Y4 high frequency list as well as continuing to learn a variety of spellings noting common patterns.

Reading – please help your child by ensuring that they bring their reading books home regularly and that they are heard to read. Please keep their reading record book updated and return it to school when they change their book.  Reading Records should be handed in every Thursday.


We will work on number and place value, recognising the value of each digit in a four digit number and ordering and comparing numbers up to 100,000.  We will also order and compare decimals with up to two decimal places and round these numbers to the nearest whole number.  We will count backwards through zero to include negative numbers.  We will read Roman numerals up to 100.  We will continue to develop our understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Living things and their habitats

We will learn how living things can be grouped in a variety of ways.  We explore and use classification keys.  We will identify a variety of living things in the local environment.

Animals including humans

We will describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system.  We will identify the different types of teeth in humans and their functions.  We will learn about food chains.


Making a PowerPoint Presentation, which includes embedding images, hyperlinking pages and websites, inserting graphs, animating slides, debating layouts, styling a variety of fonts and debugging issues.


The Romans

This is a history based topic.  Our studies will include finding out why the Romans invaded Britain and their way of life. As part of our studies we will be visiting Chester

On Wednesday 10th October we did art and drama activities.  This was part of the visit by the Rise Theatre Company. 

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Class 8 are having weekly music lessons with staff from the music services.  We are learning to play stringed instruments.  We have lots of fun learning songs too.

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On Wednesday 3rd October we visited the Dewa Experience in Chester.  This trip supported our work on Romans.

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